Transportation between the guest house and meeting venues will be provided. The Academy will provide pooled drop-off facility to participants to Bengaluru City and Bengaluru International Airport during and after the meeting. Participants are requested to provide departure details at the travel counter at the meeting venue.


The Academy office has arranged pooled transportation from the following two points:

  • Bangalore International Airport: Depending upon your travel itinerary, fly buses (delegates upon their arrival can directly proceed to Mysore by fly buses) and pooled cab services are arranged to travel further to Mysore. Individual-specific details will be provided to you by email. Academy staff Mr Vijaykumar (Mob.94482 46083) and Mr Jayakumar (Mob. 96327 26132) will assist you with the same, at the Airport.
  • Indian Academy of Sciences Campus: For the convenience of Bangalore-based Fellows and accompanied spouses who have registered for the meeting, transport facility is arranged on 28th June from the Academy. The journey will start at 2.00 pm. All registered Bangalore-based Fellows are requested to convene at the Academy by 1.30 pm.

Registered participants who wish to arrive at the meeting venue on their own are requested to inform the Academy secretariat (mail to ) so that the access pass can be prepared.

It takes approximately 3–4 hours by road from Bengaluru city to the Infosys Campus in Mysuru.


On July 1, there transportation has been arranged from the Infosys Campus to Bengaluru and then to Bangalore Airport, after the breakfast, i.e., from 9.30 am onwards. The secretariat of the Academy will facilitate the transit. Please note that one has to keep a 4-hours’ time window to board a flight from Bengaluru airport.

All registered Bangalore-based Fellows and accompanied spouses may please make use of this facility; they all will be dropped at the Academy premises in RRI campus, around noon.


Transportation services have been organized for all attendees during the meeting days in the Infosys campus to facilitate transit between the meeting venues and accommodation.


The Academy will extend travel fare reimbursement as per its norms. All participants are requested to fill in TA claim form available at the TA claim desk at the meeting venue. All claims must be supported with original pay receipts/invoice and boarding pass. The Academy will reimburse the travel claims over NEFT/RTGS.

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