Pazhamalai Anbarasan

IIT Madras, Chennai

Pazhamalai Anbarasan is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at IIT Madras. He received his PhD from IISc, Bengaluru (2007). Subsequently, he held postdoctoral position at Leibniz Institute for Catalysis, Germany as Alexander von Humboldt Fellow and at the University of California, Berkeley, USA. He joined the faculty of IIT Madras in 2011. His research interests include the design and development of new synthetic methodologies, organometallic- and organocatalysis, synthesis of therapeutically important natural products, and trifluoromethylation and trifluoromethylthiolation. He is also interested in the chemistry of conversion of carbon dioxide into valuable chemicals and fuels. He has received the DAE-Young Scientist Research Award, Thieme Chemistry Journals Award-2013, Young Scientist Medal of INSA (2015), NASI-Young Scientist Platinum Jubilee Award (2016), and ISCB Young Scientist Award (2017). He was selected as an Associate of the Indian Academy of Sciences in 2015.

Pazhamalai Anbarasan

Session 1B – Inaugural Lectures of Fellows/Associates

Aswini Ghosh, IACS, Kolkata

Transition metal-catalyzed selective functionalization of metallocarbenes to Nheterocycles

Transition metal-catalyzed functionalization of α-diazocarbonyl compounds has found widespread application because of their ability to produce reactive metallocarbene intermediates. These metal carbenes have been proved capable of delivering a variety of useful transformations including traditional reactions like cyclopropanation, X-(C)H insertion and ylides. Recent studies focus extensively on the three component approach and functionalization of nitrogen analogue of α-diazocarbonyl compounds, viz. α-diazoimines, with various coupling partners. In this presentation, the speaker will describe his recent efforts in the synthesis and transition metal-catalyzed functionalization of α-diazocarbonyl compounds and its nitrogen analogue.

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