Manoj Kumar

Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

Manoj Kumar is a Professor in Department of Chemistry, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. He received his PhD from Guru Nanak Dev University (1988) and completed his postdoc from Instituto de Quimica Medica, Madrid, Spain (1993). His research interests include the development of different types of fluorescent probes for bioimaging and diagnosis; construction of molecular switches; logic based molecular devices; and the development of novel functional materials of ultimate practical utility. He has published 176 research papers in journals of international repute with more than 4000 citations. He is the recipient of the CRSI Bronze Medal (2011) for his contributions to chemical sciences. He was elected a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences in 2018.

Manoj Kumar

Session 2A: Lectures of Fellows/Associates

Anil K Gupta, IIT, Kharagpur

Development of fluorescent probes for molecular recognition, bioimaging, and catalytic applications

Fluorescent chemosensors have been widely explored in many diverse fields from biology and physiology to pharmacology and environmental sciences. The most explored usage of chemosensors is molecular recognition involving cation/anion sensing with applications in the development of molecular logic gates and keypad locks. With the advent of time, the applications of fluorescent probes have extended to medicine involving bio-imaging and diagnostics. The speaker will discuss the design and synthesis of an array of novel chemosensors developed by his lab. The applications of these chemosensors in diverse fields including in the detection of metal ions, logic gate based devices, detection of explosives, detection of bioanalytes in vitro and in vivo will be discussed. Furthermore, the scope of these chemosensors as a diagnostic tool by developing small molecule-based fluorescent molecules will be highlighted.

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